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Plea for the nicer travel book


Yes, friends, today is a special day. We found a travel book publisher, the Reisedepeschen Verlag. We want to make beautiful books, all around. Why? A plea.

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The Internet came in my teens, and I have since become a big fan of the possibilities it brings. That I became a travel blogger, my lifestyle as a self-employed, without a boss, often in distant countries, all this has resulted from happy moments, and based on this technique. Everything online, virtual, 1 and 0.

I have long been convinced that there can be no future for printed books. That the technical development would soon bury them, adieu, medium of the past.

How I was wrong.

In 2016, I was allowed to bring together my own memories and the stories of other bloggers as a book (two more volumes followed). The almost same contributions that could be read online - just proofread and printed on paper. And even though I could not do everything in the way I wanted it to be, I noticed with a slight surprise: "That's really nice!"

Many stories won tremendously, as if by magic. I had much more fun reading them. Reminded me better of the contents. Without distraction. Just reading and turning pages.

First insight: The medium plays a role, not just the content. There are - despite and because of the undeniable possibilities of the Internet - things that are better preserved in a book.


"What's left?", I thought many times (about in this post, Anno 2013 ). Of all the things I deal with on a daily basis, what I read about "stories" on the Internet, what I trumpet about myself, on Facebook, on Instagram, yes, also what is published on this blog. What will last longer than this brief moment before being washed away in the stream. What will be to be found in a few years, when WordPress is as modern as MS DOS today?

To be honest, I think, not much. (Except for the embarrassing party photos, the Internet actually does not forget that.)

Digitality goes by so fast that it's almost scary to me. And with many content that might be just fine. But if you take the trouble to bring something into the analog world, it has the chance of a certain consistency.

Second insight: The consistency of the book frees them from the constant compulsion of technical development (aka "Update!") And protects them from digital forgetting.


But that was not the only thing I liked about our books. Taken from the tide, the stories in the book got something binding - like a contract being signed or a certificate - now they were there, black and white, unchangeable, much more than a blog article could ever be. It made them more meaningful to me.

And meaning is essential! Much too much of my time I distribute with distraction, trivial jokes, fleeting moments without relevance. Contentful ideas belong in a book, because only then can they work properly. And good ideas make you satisfied.

Third insight: The binding nature of a book makes good ideas and stories more meaningful and effective.

See something beautiful, yes, better still touch. Feel the love that others have put into it. That one can fill with own experiences: There is a dimension in things that go beyond the practical.

It does not matter if you love vintage cars or flowers, paintings or beautiful books: there is a great satisfaction in experiencing very well done things.

No matter how many lifestyle advocates preach it is necessary to renounce everything material (except for the essential Apple equipment for podcast and e-book consumption, and the DKB credit card, of course) - I think so an equally flat idea as the idea that owning any object can make me happy. No certainly not.

No thing can bring me happiness - but I can enjoy it. This is how I am with beautiful books, where worked with great attention to detail.

FOUR KNOWLEDGE: When something beautiful arises, through expertise and love, that gives joy to all, creators as well as possessors.

You see, I like books. So much so, that when I stroll through the travel book department, I get annoyed. I find that many books of this genre get too little love, too few new ideas are ventured and too little effort is put into the design.

That's what we, Marianna and I, want to change. Together with authors, bloggers, designers and adventurers. People like us, who put their heart's blood into something, their passion, until it's really good. If you're someone like that - feel free to get in touch with your idea.

Our first three books will be published in the fall of 2018 - but you can pre-order them now and give us a great support: What exactly we have worked out can be found here on our crowdfunding page on Startnext.

  1. Congratulation :)! A great project that I like to support. I'll keep our fingers crossed.

  2. Pretty pretty. Looking forward to the books in 3D and wish you good luck!

  3. "There is a dimension in things that go beyond the practical." Absolutely, that's how it is ...

  4. Today for the first time on your blog and immediately excited about your project! The books look great, at least what you could see in the video. Good luck!

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  6. Congratulations on founding the publisher. Also I love well designed and special books. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to your beautiful travel books.

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  9. Such a great project, for whose success I send you from far away China the fingers crossed and my support!

  10. Dear John, dear Marianna,
    I fully agree with you and wish you a brilliant start for your project as well as consistency, commitment and value.
    Greetings from the south of Austria!

  11. Great project!

    We also follow the motto #printisnotdead with our Startnext campaign.
    Let's see if it works :)

    best regards

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