After two and a half years overland journey in the Unimog.

31 countries. 30 months. 55,555 kilometers. 71 very personal findings.


Recognition number 57: If the drinking water bottle is frozen next to the bed, it was cold at night.

1 // The decision to do this trip was the best decision of our life so far.

2 // Happiness is having enough time for things that make you happy.

3 // Most of this trip takes place in us.

4 // Because of our experiences, we are less afraid of life as such.

5 // But some experiences of this journey make us feel more afraid - of wind, fire, water, storm, landslides or earthquakes.

6 // What's frightening: In Russia, Modern Talking is actually being played on the radio.

7 // It's probably going to be terrible for the rest of our lives,
Rinse down drinking water on many toilets in the world.

8 // The most beautiful thing about traveling is: sleeping in!

9 // The maintenance efforts of things (by gluing, repairing, sewing, patching, tying, sealing or trowelling) are significantly higher on long-term trips than at home.

10 // About 7 years old leggings can experience at least 5 Stopf generations.
Afterwards we can either use it as a tension belt for divers or as a diesel pre-filter.

11 // We just say: the smaller the living space, the more you have to clean!

12 // It makes no sense to calculate travel times in advance in hours or kilometers.
For us there are only half day trips or whole day trips .

13 // We have never been as ill as in the last two and a half years.

14 // Peter, however, tends to sinusitis.
Jen more to place, scrape, burns and cuts.

15 // Somehow, the mighty stretch of Russia can only be grasped
if you drove them in real time from east to west. Or the other way around.

16 // In Vladivostok you are almost 9,000 kilometers further from Moscow than from Berlin to Moscow.

17 // When we ask in a village if it's dangerous here, we always hear the same answer:
"No, not here! But in the next village. It's really dangerous there. "

18 // If we had not been told, then we would not have realized that there should be an area in eastern Siberia that is said to be dangerous. The Russians are more than relaxed and in harmony with themselves and nature.

19 // South Korean pensioners like to wear functional clothing.

20 // The (live) cockroach that we found in Siberia behind our radio was definitely Kafka esk.
We're still wondering if she was Laotian, Cambodian or Malayin.
No matter what, she had to "move out!"

21 // Our frying pan is the most frequently replaced item in our household.

22 // Traveling is not as expensive as you think.
We needed about 12,000 euros less than calculated in 30 months.

23 // things that we did have, but have never used until today:
Malaria prophylaxis, a pepper spray, a scalpel, a hair dryer, Kniffel.

24 // Things that we have now, but would have had better from the beginning:
a high lift jack, a UV stick, enough solar panels, a camping oven, spare springs, real "drain free."

25 // In Malaysia there is no insurance category for our vehicle.

26 // Cute when jogging a 2-meter-long monitor on the way.

27 // Also cute, when a Siberian wolf gets in the way when jogging in the morning.

28 // Two and a half years traveling are looking back disproportionately long in retrospect.
We feel like we have been traveling for at least five years.

29 // However, the last four weeks of our journey were the fastest.

30 // If you eat outside in the wind, you should close your eyes when peppering.

31 // To dice "starting" when playing backgammon does not make sense.
Peter always starts, ALWAYS.

32 // Porridge with blueberry jam tastes like fruit muesli bar.

33 // Standard question if you pass several time zones within a few days:
"What time is it here ?"

34 // Our personal day-to-day standard question:
"What day is it today?"

35 // Standard question, once you have entered the EU:
"In which country are we again?"

36 // Mongolia was the first country where we did not find oatmeal from time to time.

37 // Peter prefers hummingbird-sized mosquitoes to "mosquitoes" - he says they're smaller.

38 // The other side of an off-road track is only supposed to be better.

39 // Potholes in Mongolia are called "assholes!"

40 // Peter finds uncanny poetic words when he looks forward to "freezing".

41 // Sandwich means "Butterbrod" in Russian. Tramway means "Tramban."

42 // The Aeroflot does not serve alcohol!

43 // Ubud menus need time for adjectives like: Organic, Vegan, Vegi, Slow, Fair (that's all okay) ... but then ... Restorative, Detox, Gluten Free, Wheatfree, Sugarfree, Herbal, Energizing, Floating , Healthgiving, Refreshing, Reactivating, Sustainable, Recalming, Relaxing ... just to name a few!

44 // Nice that the 24V / 12V voltage converter survived Jen's bedtime tea.
After a night of drying, he went again.
And until then we had it nice romantic by candlelight.

45 // Our Cyrillic is getting better every day. We can read, write and recite all letters ...
Now all we have to do is find out what the words mean.

46 // Autumn is simply the best season.
And the spring! Yes, and winter too!

47 // In India, we still thought that transparent rules like home - sometimes called bureaucracy - are something great. After the first fine back in the EU you change your mind again!

48 // Europe is expensive!
Costs for fuel, toll, vignettes, ViaTOLL, traffic tickets and parking fees from the EU's external border to Munich: about 500 euros.
This corresponds approximately to our monthly budget (for two) in India.

49 // Vladivostok is damn far away from Munich. Nevertheless, one feels closer to his home in a Russian supermarket than in Dubai .

50 // There are really many beaches in Russia (on really big rivers).

51 // Preparing only meat and dairy products leads to a strange smell.
Anyone who has ever been in a Mongolian yurt knows what we are talking about.
Unclear is: mutton or mare. Or both?

52 // Mongolia is a dream for days off-road driving!
Important: wear air from the tires and sports bra!

53 // assuming a 25-day annual leave,
We took vacation without the weekends for about 26 working years.

54 // Is the river water cold,
is the washday equal to Kneipp cure!

55 // Most of the snakes in our journey met us in Latvia.

56 // We watch the scene on Sundays.
Also on trips. So!

57 // Is the drinking water bottle frozen next to the bed -
then it was cold overnight.

58 // Longest customs control of our journey: entry into the EU (Latvia).

59 // The only city in which we had problems with our 3.50 meters vehicle height: Istanbul!

60 // There are people of different nationalities,
who actually take selfies and portraits in front of incinerators or in the gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau. ... ... ...

61 // Our most criminal act of the last two and a half years (unknowingly):
Driving on the Austrian Autobahn on the very first day of our trip.
We drove with vignette instead of truck toll box.
If only we had informed ourselves about traveling in Austria!

62 // We had about 900 days of summer in a row.

63 // Looking back, the best part of this trip was to consciously have done something
what we wholeheartedly wished for.

64 // The fulfillment of many dreams is entirely ours.
If not the fulfillment of all dreams.

65 // After the journey is before the trip.

66 // In any case, the next big trip will be done with a vehicle!

67 // When the longing for friends and family outweighed the travel fever and thirst for adventure,
we felt "arrived" in this journey. A wonderful experience!

68 // The anticipation of the homeland at the end of this journey is just as great
like the anticipation of the foreign at the beginning of our journey.
An equally beautiful experience!

69 // Driving is just as scary as coming home:
when driving you are afraid because you do not know what to expect,
When you come home you are afraid because you know exactly what to expect.

70 // More important than the travel vehicle, the itinerary or the destination of the trip is:
the right travel partner! #love

71 // Two and a half years on the street were children's carnival.
The biggest challenge now is the search for accommodation in Munich!

  1. Very nice little summary :-)

  2. 39 // Potholes in Mongolia are called "assholes!"
    <- I laughed tears!

    And yes: europe is VERY expensive!


  3. Gorgeous, beautiful to read. I wish you a good start in Germany!

  4. You are back! After my own trip around the world in recent years I have gladly read many of your reports, it was great to be allowed to accompany you in your great vehicle. Welcome back!

    One sentence, which I remembered very much after my return, is that of Max Frisch:
    "When traveling, we're like a movie being exposed. It will develop the memory. "

    Thanks for your pictures and words and good slow arrival - somehow.

  5. Have you already found an apartment in Munich?
    Go on a world tour soon and live in Munich ...

    • Dear Ingrid!
      That's nice that you thought of us.
      We have arrived in the meantime and after 7 months with mother-in-law found their own place of residence. When are you starting? Yes and where?
      We wish you much anticipation and an unforgettable journey soon!
      Best regards!

  6. Wonderfully refreshing insights into your travel everyday life, thanks for that! : D

  7. Hey you two,
    I just stumbled over your post here and got stuck.
    Wonderfully humorous summary of 2 years journey!
    I had to grin a few times! ;-)
    Now I'm curious about your blog and see if you've written anything about Nepal!
    By the way ... if you want to go to Peru, you are welcome to visit my blog ... Of course it is just like that! ;-)

    I wish you a great time!
    Best regards,

    • Thanks, dear Ewa, for your "grin" :)
      And thank you for your offer ... South America is still waiting for us ...
      and yes in Nepal, we have also experienced wonderful things. The Annapurna Trek is certainly one of the highlights of our trip.
      Greetings from Jen and Peter with Frida

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