Travel reports from Ecuador

My wild ride through the Cotopaxi National Park

never say Never

Never say never - all those who travel a lot should probably put this sentence behind their ears. Because we do not all remember this one time, when we said stiffly and firmly: "I never do that!"? Never do I get in there, never can I do it, never do I dare to do it alone, never in life will that work well - and in the end, you got in, made it, all on your own, and everything went well. And in most cases you even had fun doing it.

The Quilotoa Loop (1)

Pujilí's colorful Sunday market and a spontaneous visit to the bull ring

The Quilotoa loop, the loop around the crater lake Quilotoa, is one of Ecuador's most impressive sights. Here, in the Andean highlands, countless hiking trails invite you to explore the breathtaking landscapes. Small mountain villages allow an insight into the life of the rural population. Colorful weekly markets and traditional festivals amaze visitors.