Travel reports from Uruguay

Three Years Traveling Slippers: A birthday special

From Leipzig to Alaska Hitchhiker: Through the (3)

And so finally I came to Venezuela. The passport control was in ominous circumstances. Some motorcyclist collected our passports and we were taken to a small back room. There was a man with a leg infection and was enjoying a foot bath while his wife was preparing something in the open kitchen.


Cabo Polonio: Powerless happy

Slight panic creeps up in me. There is certainly an outlet somewhere. Or not? A beep, then it is dead. The first few hours I look again and again on the screen. Mechanically. But there is nothing. The big, black nothing on the screen. Only landscape around me. I feel like a beetle lying on my back and not knowing what's going to happen next.

Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

We out there, you in there

A few kilometers before Jose Ignacio on the coast of Uruguay, the bus spits me out like chilled vegetables. The air condition in the modern coach has forced me cap, scarf and jacket. I am completely frozen and stay for the first time in the glistening light of the sun on the roadside to thaw. Right the sea, incredibly blue. On the opposite side of the road the lagoon Jose Ignacio and on its shore a few houses.


In the land of the gauchos

There is the horse and looks at me. So I'm supposed to ride this. Actually, I do not like horses. But now I am in Uruguay, in the mountains of Rocha. In the land of the gauchos. 3 million inhabitants and 12 million cows. You have to ride through the pampas. Hello, feeling of freedom and adventure? Is there anything better? ... If there were not the ghosts of the past.