Gitti Müller

Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands: everything is green!

The Balearic Islands are small and manageable. In addition, rich and relatively independent of the mainland. Ideal conditions to change something. Now the islands have taken a course on sustainability and ecology. I love both: eco and the Balearic Islands. So look no further than what's going on there in terms of the environment.

Goat Yoga in Switzerland

Om Kid Om

"Crazy-Yoga" is a discipline from the creative box for alternative offers. When the glaciers melt and the snow stops, the villages around the ski resorts have to come up with something. And why should the craziest yoga ideas stay where they are born, namely in the US?

Through the vineyards of South Tyrol

Wine-tasting in South Tyrol

Actually, Bolzano was always the gateway to the mountains for me: from here it went on a skiing or hiking holiday. But from Bolzano it also goes straight into the wine region of South Tyrol. It takes about half an hour until I arrive at Lake Kaltern, which is turquoise and inviting amidst vineyards as if to say: hey, there is a cool after wine evenings, here you can chill out your drunk chill.