Ricarda intoxication



A journey through time for connoisseurs

The province of Valencia - a paradise for hikers, nature lovers and explorers

Seductively greets the blue of the Mediterranean on approach to Valencia, the dazzling metropolis on the east coast of Spain, notorious for its picturesque beaches, its rich cultural life and the lively inhabitants. But for more than a short "hello" is no time, because my journey leads out of the city, into the hinterland of the Region of Valencia. I'm looking for peace, nature and have my hiking sandals in the luggage.

A day in the Chiemgau

Where people wear costumes

Glorious weather. The sky shines blue-white on my crossing to the Fraueninsel in the Chiemsee. It is the weekend and there is high activity on the "Bavarian Sea". And how smart everyone did. Completely unironic wear the Bavarian and the Bavarian the finest costume. A colorful checkered army to Dirndln and Krachledernen where the eye looks, from the little ones to the neat older gentlemen. What would probably bother me elsewhere would make sense here anyway.

Where the green gold grows

In the hop wonderland

At Craft Beer, one does not necessarily think of the hip metropolises of the world, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, necessarily in the Bavarian province. But far from it. Hops, the stuff that brings the world's micro-brewer to rapture, the irreplaceable all-rounder among the beer ingredients, grows here in huge quantities, right in the idyllic Hallertau, the geographic center of Bavaria.